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HalveitNow- Bulk Grape & Cherry Tomato Slicer

$ 9.99

We take pride in both the presentation and quality of ingredients in our recipes just as much as you do. A nicely sliced grape or cherry tomato not only looks fantastic, but it releases its natural flavors and aroma. Our patented tool makes slicing any small round food items safe and easy. We know the value of time and the power of the "hangry".

  • SIMPLE TO USE - slice up to 20 grapes or cherry tomatoes at once
  • USE YOUR OWN KNIFE - we love our knives too so our design lets you use your favorite serrated knife to deliver a perfectly halved grape or cherry tomato every time
  • EASY TO CLEAN - with no moving parts or pieces that can rust
  • COMPACT DESIGN - stacks onto itself to minimize coveted storage space
  • SAFETY - our patented design keeps your hand safe while slicing
  • NON-SLIP - special non-skid material will not slide on counters while slicing
  • NIBS- these little bumps on the inside of the tray keep the food items from rolling around
  • FREE SHIPPING - (US only)
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- we want you to be completely happy with our product and if not, we will issue you a full refund!


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