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About Us

    If you are looking for the next great kitchen gadget that can save you time while prepping food, then we are excited to introduce to you our new pride and joy, HalveitNow - Grape & Cherry Tomato Slicer. Inspired by our chef from the famed Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York, our product was designed to help both professional and aspiring home cooks alike save time in the kitchen.

    Let's be honest, cutting grapes and cherry tomatoes in half, one at a time is no fun and very tedious (I could argue it's a deterrent from enjoying them in dishes). In our case this issue was magnified since our amazing chef was busy teaching cooking classes here in San Diego, CA and needed a way to shave off a few minutes prepping meals for classes of 30-50 people. Then as our friends and family started having kids, we kept hearing how important it was to cut grapes in half to avoid a choking hazard and the light bulb went off. We desperately needed a solution and HalveitNow was our answer! 

    We played with many different designs, features, materials and colors (the devil truly is in the details) but finally produced a patent pending product we are proud to share with you. The design is simple to use and allows you to use your favorite knife (oh how chefs love their knives) and stacks onto itself to minimize storage space. We also kept the design free of moving parts, blades, etc. to make cleaning just as easy (have you ever cleaned a juicer? sigh...).

    We hope you enjoy HalveitNow as much as you have learning about our story! We come from a military background (go Air Force) and are family owned and operated. Humor has always been a part of who we are, so when we needed a name for our product, the pun was just to good to pass up. Enjoy!

-Clark Jr., Clark Sr., Alex, and Jessica